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UDK 591.9 (571.63)

Makarova O.A., Bianki V.V., Khlebbosolov E.I., Kataev G.D., Kashulin N.A. Cadastr of vertebrate animals of Pasvik Nature Reserve

The results of ten year’s investigation of fauna of Pasvik Nature Reserve and adjacent areas of the Paz river valley are given in the book. The data were gathered by the scientific stuff of the Pasvik nature Reserve and also by experts from other nature reserves of Murmansk region, universities and scientific re-search institutions. In the course of preparation of the book the literature sources and manuscripts of scientists from Russia, Norway and Finland were used.

Reviewers: Koryakin A.S., Aspholm P.E.
Dеsigner V.A. Khokhlov

The book is published by the order of Pasvik Nature Reserve under the fi-nancial support of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation (State Ecological Center)


  • Introduction
  •  Fishes
  • Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Conclusion
  • Literature sources